Horizontal Directional Drilling


A Perfect Drilling Fluid Formulation plays a major role in the successful execution of any Horizontal Drilling Operation.
Functions of a Drilling Fluid for HDD Works:

  • Transporting drill cuttings to the surface by suspending and carrying them in the fluid stream flowing in the annulus between the bore wall and the drill pipe/product.
  • Cleaning off build-up on drill bits or reamer cutters by directing fluid streams at the cutters.
  • Cooling the downhole tools and electronic equipment.
  • Lubricating to reduce the friction between the drill pipe/product and the bore wall.
  • Stabilizing the bore, especially in loose or soft soils by building a low permeability filter cake, and exerting a positive hydrostatic pressure against the bore wall. The filter cake along with positive hydrostatic pressure reduces collapse of the bore and prevents formation fluids (i.e. ground water) from flowing into the bore or drilling fluids from exiting the bore into the formation (loss of circulation).
  • Providing hydraulic power to downhole mud motors.