To ensure the success of a MicroTunnelling–Pipejacking Operation, a carefully selected appropriate Drilling Fluid Formulation is necessary that should be able to overcome the frictional resistance induced during the jacking of the pipes in the ground.
When excavating through unstable formations, a suitable mud must be formulated to achieve an efficient face support and help the excavation, as well as easing the removal of excavated cuttings.

Functions of a Lubricating Fluid in Microtunnelling–PipeJacking Operation:

– The Lubricating Fluid helps to reduce the jacking force by reducing the Frictional forces caused due to the contact between the soil and the pipe.
– The Fluid also assists in the stabilisation process of the oversize cut in unstable soil.

The Rheological Properties of a Lubrication Slurry need to be constantly monitored and adjusted whenever necessary in different Ground Conditions, e.g. to limit the hydration of water sensitive formations e.g. sticky, swelling clay etc.