Commercial Chemical Additives


Soda Ash is used as a Chemical Precipitant for Calcium in Water based Muds, especially Calcium Sulphate in low pH muds. Treating the Mud with a large dosage will help increase the pH. Also the Sodium Sulphate formed, when Calcium Carbonate is precipitated- acts to improve Mud Gel Strength.


Sodium Bicarbonate is used for calcium precipitation (from cement or anhydrite) in muds with pH above 8.5. The Primary Application of Sodium Bicarbonate is precipitating the Calcium from cement contamination; the pH will be reduced towards 8.3

The pH of the mud should be at least 8.3 for successful treatment with bicarbonate. Also, for best results mud should have minimum previous chemical treatment with alkaline-tannate of phosphates.


Caustic Soda is used for pH Control in all water based Muds. The amount of Caustic Soda needed for pH control is influenced by factors such as : pH of mud before making Caustic additions, amount and type of additives used in the mud system, type of Ground formation being drilled, Contaminants encountered etc.


Sodium Silicate is used as a Cement Slurry Accelerator, finding use in Grouting Applications. The effectiveness depends on the concentration and molecular weight. The low-molecular-weight form may be used at concentrations of 1% BWOC or less to accelerate normal-density slurries. The high-molecular-weight form is an effective accelerator at concentrations up to 4% BWOC


S3 BIOCIDE is a biodegradable triazine based Additive that acts as a bactericide in drilling Fluids.  S3 BIOCIDE is effective against aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. It helps protect Additives in the Mud system which may be susceptible to bacterial degradation.


S3 BAR 42 weighting material is premium API Grade Barium Sulphate (Barite) and used to increase the density of drilling fluids to Control formation pressures. S3 BAR 42 weighting material has a specific gravity of 4.20 and can be used to increase the density in oil and water-based drilling fluids up to 20 lb/gal (2.40 SG).