High Yield Bentonite Grades

To create the optimal Drilling Fluid Formulation, various factors must be considered.
The native soil exerts the greatest influence on the selection of drilling fluid mixture. Once the native soil has been properly identified and characterized, the most suited Drilling Fluid mix shall be recommended.
  • FLUIDSOL & FLUIDSOL 40 Premium Grade High Yield Drilling Bentonites

FLUIDSOL range of Premium grade High Yield Bentonites are designed to provide Fast Hydration at low Dosages. Excellent Rheological & Fluid Loss properties together with low Sand Content properties make it a preferred Product for Geotechnical Applications such as Horizontal Directional Drilling, Micro-Tunnelling PipeJacking, and Special Foundations among others. The FLUIDSOL Product Range exceeds API and EN1536/1538 Specifications.

  • BENTOMUD & BENTOMUD 60 Standard Grade Drilling Bentonites

BENTOMUD & BENTOMUD 60 Standard Bentonite Grades are 200mesh easy to mix products recommended for freshwater drilling fluid formulations and conform to API OCMA Specifications. Applications include Bored Piling Works, Grouts, Cut-Off Walls etc.

They also find use in Industrial applications such as Iron Ore Pelletization, Bitumen & Paint etc.